Winterizing Your Swimming Pool

Many pool owners, mainly new pool owners, do not understand that just because you’re not swimming in your pool, does not mean you can forget about it as the weather turns colder. A swimming pool cannot be placed on the self or tucked away in a dark closet. As an end to end pool service company, handling weekly pool service and pool equipment repairs, the phone calls start to rush in as the weather heats up from pool owners that left their swimming pool un-maintained during the fall and winter months. The phone lines are flood with calls, pool owners wanting us to rush to fix what they let go during the winter; green swimming pool water, pool filters don’t seem to be working, pool pump not working, water leaking from pool equipment, and weird noises coming from their equipment.

The biggest mistake pool owners can make is dismissing their weekly pool service once the weather has turned cold, this could cost you more next spring to fix the issues that occur from neglect, unless you plan on maintaining it yourself. We understand many new pool owners did not know how important it is to winterizing their swimming pool and protect their swimming pool equipment form damage during the fall and winter, we are here to help.

As the hot sunny days start to drift away, as a pool owner it is time to start planning, what needs to be done to protect your swimming pool and pool equipment from the harsh cold winter days and nights. In Northern California usually towards the end of October is when the fun time splashing around with our children, enjoying a swim before and after work, or just lounging around the pool soaking up the sun starts to quickly come to an end.

If your swimming pool I located in the milder, warmer clients like Northern California, protecting your swimming pool and pool equipment isn’t as complex as pool owners living in areas that hit freezing temperatures. However, even in these warmer client locations winterizing your swimming pool is important if you want to protect your investment and ensure your families’ swimming pool is ready when hot summer days return.

Take the time to review our tips to winterize your swimming pool, will help keep your pool and pool equipment well-maintained through the fall and winter. These easy steps will make it much easier and save money when it comes time to open your swimming pool when spring arrives once again.

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