Commercial Pool Service

Commercial Pool and Spa Services

Aquatic Innovations Inc

Aquatic Innovations Inc. offers professional and reliable pool maintenance services to commercial properties with swimming pools, spas, fountains and water features. Our pool technicians are trained and certified in water chemistry, knowledgeable with the latest energy efficient pool equipment, and proficient with the Health Department Codes.

Maintaining water chemistry balanced is more challenging in a commercial size pool, with additional swimmers, ensure you turn to a professional that specializes in high volume swimming pool services. Communication also sets us apart from others, we notify our Property Management Company’s immediately of any pool equipment or other items required to keep you compliant.

Aquatic Innovations offers a full arrange of commercial pool care solutions, from pool cleaning, pool repairs, equipment repairs and pool safety items such as pool safety signs and pool safety devices.

Weekly Pool Service

  • Open and Close Down as requested by Management Companies
  • Test & Balance Water Chemistry (pH, Calcium, Alkalinity, Chlorine, Conditioner, Calcium, Phosphates, TDS)
  • Net Surface
  • Brush Pool Tile line, Swim Outs, Caribbean Shelf, and Steps, Stairs and Tile Line
  • Vacuum Bottom, Inlets, stairs and seats
  • Empty Baskets and Skimmers
  • Backwash Filters
  • Inspect Equipment
  • Health Department Reporting Log

Equipment Repairs

  • Pumps (Pool, SPA and Water Feature Pumps)
  • Commercial Heaters & Motors
  • Filters and Cartridge Replacements
  • Main Drains (Re-Attach/Tighten Drain Covers)
  • Chlorination Systems
  • Automation Systems
  • Valves and Plumbing
  • Flow Meters and Gauges
  • Tile (Pool Tile Cleaning & Repair)
  • Plaster (Plaster rust stain removal & Pool Plaster Repairs)
  • Lights (LED Lights, Replace Light Bulbs and Fixtures)
  • Tighten Handrails & Replace if needed
  • Replace Pool Expansion Joint
  • No Drain Acid Wash – without draining your pool

Commercial Pool Products

  • Pool Safety Signs
  • Lane Markers
  • Pool Safety Life Ring & Rope
  • Automatic Cleaners
  • Life Hook & Pole
  • Skimmer Nets
  • Commercial Grade Pool Chemicals
  • Water Test Kits