Sacramento Pool Service

Sacramento Pool Service

Aquatic Innovations Inc

If you are looking for a professional pool cleaning company with proven results, call me, Tim Rehard, the owner of Aquatic Innovations Inc, today. I’ll put your swimming pool worries to rest explain exactly what our services provide. We are in business to protect your large investment in your swimming pool, saving you time and money, and create a healthy and appealing swimming environment for you, your family and your friends.

Serving the Sacramento, CA and the surrounding suburbs for over 12 years. We have years of technical skills to service your pool and maintain your water at optimum chemical levels, all while providing you additional recommendations on our energy efficient systems that can save you thousands through the life-cycle of your pool.

Sacramento is an area with many pools, big and small and is nicknamed the “city of trees”. While the trees here in the Sacramento area are beautiful, they can pose specific problems for pool owners with the many leaves and pollen they produce and shed. We know the challenges of keeping a pool clean and ready for your family and friends.

I have been providing service and repair in Sacramento by providing simply the best pool services and repair in the area. We are skilled, honest and always prompt. If I’m not the one servicing your pool, you can be rest assured that I’m sending out one of my knowledgeable and trained technicians to your home in Sacramento.

we have simplified our service plans to suit your needs and make it easy to understand exactly how we’re servicing your pool each week. We’re sure you’ll appreciate our consistent and reliable weekly pool maintenance that keeps the quality of your water looking (and feeling) remarkable. We look forward to earning your business as the leading pool company here in the Sacramento region. Your satisfaction never taken for granted and we always guarantee our work and service.