Pool Accessories


Brushes & Poles

Brushing your swimming pool walls, steps and inlets is one of the most important things you can do for your pool, and it is often overlooked. Swimming pool plaster, tile, steps, and inlets should be brushed at least once per week. Brushing removes algae and other films and dirt on pool walls and pool floors that vacuuming leaves behind. A good weekly brushing keeps the buildup off your pool and spa walls. Pool brushes are made of different materials be sure and know the difference before purchasing and using the wrong type to prevent damage.

Pool Skimmer & Leaf Rakes

Swimming pools require routine weekly maintenance to keep your pool clean and inviting day after day. Swimming pool nets are wonderful accessories, having the right tools on hand gives you the ability to remove the debris that enters your family’s pool, between your scheduled pool cleaning. Pool nets come in hand to remove surface items before you family enters the pool, remove leaves and other items such as spiders and bugs, will keep your swimming pool water sparkling clean and keep the kids happy. Most swimming pool skimmers and leaf rakes have snap-adapt handles allowing them to fit on most poles. If you are not sure on the size of net you will need, give us a call we can help you choose the right one.

Pool/Spa Signs

Keeping your community members safe and informed is easy with swimming pool and spa signs.

Pool signs are built to last the elements, most are made out of commercial quality weather-resistant plastic and for durability should be finished with brass grommets for easy, secure hanging.

Brushes & Poles - Details

  • Nylon Bristle

    Nylon bristle brushes can be used on any type of pools, and are ideal for regular pool brushing; plaster sides, above ground and vinyl pools. They are also great for keeping your tile line clean.

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel is perfect for removing tough algae on plaster surfaces. Stainless steel brushes should not be used on vinyl pools.

  • Blend Nylon & Stainless Steel

    Blended bristles 50/50 of nylon and stainless steel is recommended for new pool start-up brushing or mild algae cleaning.

  • Pool Equipment Poles

    Most equipment requires a separate pole; they come in variety of extending lengths and made of different material, we recommend fiberglass, but most are aluminum. Pool equipment poles are standard and brushes, leaf skimmers and leaf nets twist lock in place.

Pool Skimmers & Leaf Rakes - Details

  • Skimmer Nets

    The skimmer net is usually a flat mesh net that attaches to a pole and is used to remove floating debris on your swimming pool surface and spa.

  • Leaf Rake

    The leaf rake is much deeper, works great for scooping up debris form the bottom of your swimming pool and steps. Many come with a built in squeegee or scrubbers to clean as you scoop.