Pool Pumps

The pool pump plays a key role as the foundation of your pool equipment; its job is to keep your water circulation moving. It needs to be in sized correctly and maintained to efficiently circulate your swimming pools body of water. The technology behind the pool pump has improved tremendously over the past few years. Pool equipment pumps work more efficiency while conserving energy, cost less to run, and can pay for themselves in the first year. There are many pumps to choose from, below are a few samples, give us a call and let us help you choose the right pump to meet the specific requirements of your swimming pool, spa or water features.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Specializing in Energy Efficiency and Conservation, variable speed pumps typically cut energy costs by up to 90% over traditional pumps and even more if replacing an older pump. Many utility companies are offering rebates when you install a variable speed pump, by a certified installer. Aquatic Innovations Inc. is a certified installer with SMUD and PG&E.

High Performance Pool Pumps

These pumps are highly efficient and are needed when your pool has additional requirements beyond water circulation such as; decorative water features, waterfalls and fountains, spa jets and in-floor cleaning systems. These pumps come in multiple motor sizes which provides the ability to match the right pump depending on the number of features and how much water needs to circulate.

Waterfall Specialty Pumps

Waterfall pumps were designed to meet specific demands of waterfalls and other special water features. New and improved pumps circulate the water so quietly; all you hear is the relaxing sound of the water.